How physical exercise makes your brain work better

The brain is often described as being “like a muscle”. It’s a comparison that props up the brain training industry and keeps school children hunched over desks. We judge literacy and numeracy exercises as more beneficial for your brain than running, playing and learning on the move. But the brain-as-muscle analogy doesn’t quite work. ToRead More

Can’t focus? Maybe it’s your body clock

Sitting at a desk, reading a textbook may feel like one of the least physical activities you can undertake, but the results of your studying depend on numerous biological factors, including your body clock. Learning and intellectual performance are firmly tied to the body’s internal time. Planet Earth’s rotation – once every 24 hours –Read More

The Revision Diet: What’s The Best Food and Drink to Help Students Focus?

It’s heads-down revision time for exams and dissertations. The pressure’s on, so you’ll want all the help you can get to aid your memory and raise your grades (without cheating). Nutrition experts say that eating well can make a real difference to your revision regime – so what brain-boosting food and drink do they recommend?Read More

This Is How to Be More Productive While You Are at Study

There are days when it all comes together for you, but this might not happen to be one of them. Many factors of productivity are beyond your control. Sometimes your train is late, or your morning alarm goes off, or some important work pops in. In such circumstances, there’s only so much you can do.Read More